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What’s cool in the Colorado Springs area?

Soon we are heading out on a car trip. We’ll drive through scenic Iowa and Nebraska before arriving in beautiful Colorado. Ok, so I’ll probably sleep through Iowa, waking just to have breakfast. But anyway. What’s cool do to in and around Colorado Springs? Or on our way there? We’re not in any big hurry […]

10 Things I learned while traveling with a baby.

Last week was our first big vacation as a family. We packed everything up and flew out to San Diego; which is about a 4 hour flight. Here are a few things I learned while traveling with a baby. If you can, travel with your spouse. I couldn’t imagine having done this trip alone. From […]

Can you baby proof a hotel room?

I han’t thought of baby proofing a hotel room before, but now that Lily is moving around a lot everything needs to be baby proofed. Well, as much as it can be. We’ve been to a few hotels with Lily, but she wasn’t this mobile before. Now that we are about to embark on a […]

Looking for tips on flying with a baby.

In just a few weeks, our family is headed out on a vacation to San Diego California. Where as Lily is pretty easy to travel with, this will be her first time on an airplane and we’re all a little nervous. Have you flown with a baby before? Any advice? So far, here is what […]

3 days, 900 miles and one good baby.

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Bismarck, ND for a wedding and were extremely happy with how well Lily rode in the car. Friday evening we drove to Bismarck, spend the day Saturday, and drove back Sunday morning. That’s about 900 miles in just three days. Lily sat in her car seat and […]

First time in a hotel and in a swimming pool.

Over the weekend our baby girl Lily got to experience her first time in a hotel and the first time swimming! We were worried about swimming due to the chlorine in the pool and her only being 6 months old, but our doctor said it was OK so into the pool we went. Lily didn’t […]

Traveling with a baby, good idea or bad?

We have recently been invited to a wedding which we wouldn’t mind going to. However, it’s about 10 hours one way, with no stops, which is a heck of a long time for an adult to sit in the car, but what about a baby? How far is to far? We’re worried that Lily will […]