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What’s cool in the Colorado Springs area?

Road TripSoon we are heading out on a car trip. We’ll drive through scenic Iowa and Nebraska before arriving in beautiful Colorado. Ok, so I’ll probably sleep through Iowa, waking just to have breakfast. But anyway.

What’s cool do to in and around Colorado Springs? Or on our way there?

We’re not in any big hurry and can take time to stop and eat at cool places, see the¬†sights or do whatever we want.

If you’ve got suggestions, pass them my way.

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  1. Blake says:

    Without a doubt the best place to eat is Paravicini’s Italian Bistro located in Old Colorado City ( We loved that restaurant while we lived there. Driving up Pikes Peak is OK, if you guys are taking Lily she’ll have more fun riding the train up I bet which leaves from Manitou Springs ( Garden of the Gods is a nice place to stretch your legs and do some walking and The Broadmoor has some nice scenery well.

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