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3 days, 900 miles and one good baby.

Road Trip

Road Trip

Over Memorial Day weekend we headed up to Bismarck, ND for a wedding and were extremely happy with how well Lily rode in the car.

Friday evening we drove to Bismarck, spend the day Saturday, and drove back Sunday morning. That’s about 900 miles in just three days.

Lily sat in her car seat and slept quite a bit of the time. I don’t think she sleeps really good in a car seat, but it helped her pass the time, and she even slept at night just like she usually does.

She had lots of toys and two people in the back to keep her company which helped. We even stopped on the way up to have a small picnic in a park so she could get out and play, and found a mall play area that she got to play in on the way back. That coupled with a few other stops where she got to at least get out of the car seat helped a lot.

Yes, she cried a few times, but not for that long. We were able to settle her down or she’d fall asleep. Bribing her with poofs helped too.

I’m thinking that she almost did better than me as I was far past ready to be out of the car on the way home.

If you do need to travel with kids, I think it’s adult interaction that matters the most. Sure, Lily liked her toys, but I think she enjoyed the personal attention even more.

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  1. SPOC says:

    We’re going to “the lake” on 4th of July weekend. It’s only 200+ miles but we’re hoping for the same outcome.

  2. gml4 says:

    Sorry dad, I disagree with you… kids should be able to entertain themselves on long car trips. You will not always have adults back there to do it. My best advice, offered in complete honesty and frankness… get Lily a sibling!

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