AttitudeI’m not sure where Lily picked up her attitude, but she’s started to get fussy for no reason.

Every morning we get up, get dressed, have a bottle and then I put her on the floor to play. She sits in a little fenced in area with plenty of room and toys and hasn’t had any issues until lately. Now, she’s gets all upset and cries.

I can even be sitting a foot away from her and it doesn’t help. If I do pick her up, she’s fine. If I carry her around, she’s fine. When I take her out and put her in the car seat to go to daycare, she’s fine.

So I don’t get it? I’ve just tried letting her cry and she use to get over it, but now she just keeps crying like it’s the end of the world.

It’s not like we use this area to punish her, it’s actually the opposite. It allows her to move around and play without being in harm’s way. It’s freedom; basically.

I’m not sure where this attitude is coming from, but I hope it passes on sooner than later.

Any ideas on why she might be having an attitude problem?