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Does this baby make me look fat?

There are so many things to worry about when you have a baby and keeping your figure is one of them. Somedays it feels like I’ve put on about 20 pounds. Be honest, does this baby make me look fat? 😀

Lily has started to gag herself and it’s not cool.

Babies never cease to amaze me. Every time I think I’ve seen the strangest thing, they start something new. Lily is now sticking her hands down her throat and gagging herself. It’s like she’s trying to catch her tongue or something. Actually, it’s kind of gross and I’m not fond of her gagging herself. It […]

Where did my baby girl get her attitude?

I’m not sure where Lily picked up her attitude, but she’s started to get fussy for no reason. Every morning we get up, get dressed, have a bottle and then I put her on the floor to play. She sits in a little fenced in area with plenty of room and toys and hasn’t had […]

I think our little girl is sick! Or can teething cause diarrhea?

We’ve been fortunate that our little girl has gone 9 months without any real sickness. However, that streak may be coming to an end. Recently she’s been having diarrhea and many dirty diapers. Yesterday I changed three in the hour she was up in the morning. Usually I change 1 and that’s just the one […]

What gift do you get mom for her first Mother’s Day?

Today is my wife’s first Mother’s Day. I went back and forth on a gift, as I wasn’t sure what to get. Since the gift is supposed to come from Lily, and she’s not old enough to decide, what does a dad do? I thought of all the typical gifts, like jewelry and what not, […]

At what point do we start to screw up our kids?

At what point do I have to start to worry about screwing my baby girl up? Is there really any reason to worry? Lily is almost 9 months old and she’s moving, exploring, and there are lots of things that Lily does that I can’t help but laugh at. Like when she plays with the […]

Do you suppose they were sincere about babysitting?

As soon as we got pregnant, we had family and friends say that they’d baby sit. After we had Lily, the offers kept rolling in. Then one day my wife said “Do you suppose they were sincere about babysitting?” What do you mean? Do people really go around saying that they’ll babysit when they don’t […]

What’s a parent to do when WE get sick?

It’s inevitable, someday mom and dad will come down with a cold and then what? Actually this happened last week. First Christi got something, and then passed it to me. We were worried about passing it to Lily, but there isn’t much a parent can do; is there? Yes, we washed our hands often and […]

Can babies have nightmares?

Last night, about 11pm, Lily started making noise in her crib; she started to whimper and cry. It wasn’t a loud I’m hungry or I’m hurt cry, in fact, she wasn’t even awake! After a minute or two I went in to check on her and she was definitely asleep. I touched her head and […]