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I think our little girl is sick! Or can teething cause diarrhea?

Sad Green SmilieWe’ve been fortunate that our little girl has gone 9 months without any real sickness. However, that streak may be coming to an end.

Recently she’s been having diarrhea and many dirty diapers. Yesterday I changed three in the hour she was up in the morning. Usually I change 1 and that’s just the one wet one from overnight.

Then at daycare she had about 5 more. They are diarrhea like and gross and it’s concerning us.

She still eats well, sleeps good, and is pretty happy. She’s a bit more crabby than usual, but not a whole lot.

We think it may be teething, but aren’t sure. Can teething cause something like this?

It’s our first time worrying about her really being sick and we’re concerned. If she’s still having issues tomorrow, we may run to the doctor to be safe. Especially since we are to go on a long car trip this weekend.

For now we’re just monitoring her and making sure she gets plenty of fluids as dehydration is a big concern that we’re hearing from family and the internet.

I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I don’t like my little girl being sick. Nor do I like chaining multiple dirty diapers, and an outfit, all before 8am.

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