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I think we’re getting some crabby teeth in.

Lily has been very fortunate that she doesn’t get all crabby when she gets new teeth. I hear other parents say that teething is bad, and we’ve been doing really well at it. With that said, Lily has seemed a bit more crabby in the past few days. She seems to want things a certain […]

Where did all those baby teeth come from?

We’ve been watching Lily get teeth for a while now. First two on the bottom, then top, then a few next to them. Everything was going just like the books (or internet) says they should. Then one day my wife caught a glimpse of more! Way in the back there were at least three more […]

I think our little girl is sick! Or can teething cause diarrhea?

We’ve been fortunate that our little girl has gone 9 months without any real sickness. However, that streak may be coming to an end. Recently she’s been having diarrhea and many dirty diapers. Yesterday I changed three in the hour she was up in the morning. Usually I change 1 and that’s just the one […]

Do all babies have gaps in their top teeth?

Lily is working hard at getting teeth and so far we have four; two on top, two on the bottom. However, the two on the top have gap between them and I was wondering if this was normal. Did your baby have gaps in their top teeth?

All cool babies have three teeth.

At about 4 months, Lily got her first two teeth on the bottom. Now, 4 months later, she’s got one more, this time on top. Most people will tell you that babies get teeth in pairs, at least the first few anyway, but not us. We are rocking the smile with three teeth. All cool […]