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I think we’re getting some crabby teeth in.

ToothLily has been very fortunate that she doesn’t get all crabby when she gets new teeth. I hear other parents say that teething is bad, and we’ve been doing really well at it.

With that said, Lily has seemed a bit more crabby in the past few days. She seems to want things a certain way, or just breaks down crying for really no reason.

When we were in at the doctor for Lily’s 14 month checkup, the Dr. said that Lily was getting a few more teeth. I think they’re the i teeth or something like that but I’m calling them the crabby teeth as that’s what must be making her be crabby lately.

Granted, she’s got every right to be as it probably doesn’t feel good to have them poking out of your gums.

The good news is that she’ll probably be back to normal soon. Less crabby is always good. 🙂

How has your teething experiences been? We’ve got nearly a mouthful already and have had very little issues. If being a little crabby is as bad as it gets, than this is cake.

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