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Where did all those baby teeth come from?

Lilys Baby Teeth

Lily's Baby Teeth

We’ve been watching Lily get teeth for a while now. First two on the bottom, then top, then a few next to them. Everything was going just like the books (or internet) says they should.

Then one day my wife caught a glimpse of more!

Way in the back there were at least three more poking through.

Now all the information we read says baby teeth pretty much come in order from front to back. But not Lily’s. She’s got teeth sprouting up all over the place.

I swear some are molars and most babies don’t get them until after they are a year old. But then again, all babies are different and get their teeth whenever they are ready to come in.

It’s exciting though. We’ll soon have a mouth full of teeth to sink into our food; or dads arm.

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