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Minneapolis Morning

We headed down to the farmers market at the Guthrie this morning and then took a stroll across the stone arch bridge. We even stopped by the Minneapolis Public Library which is the first time I’ve been there since they re-did it. Turns out it has a really nice kids area and a kids bathroom that […]


Ready or not, it’s potty time.

We all knew this day would come, but so soon? It’s time for potty training. Believe it or not, Lily is ready where as dad’s not quite. At daycare, Lily has been watching another girl get potty trained so she  knows the basics. When she goes into the bathroom, she knows to pull down her […]


We need diaper fueled heat or cars.

As I once again take a garbage bag full of stinky dirty diapers out to the trash, I can’t help but think there has to be something that can be done with all the dirty diapers. Just think if our cars ran on dirty diapers. We’d be set for life! Or at least a few years. Or […]


The joy of toilet paper.

Lily has recently found the joy of toilet paper. It’s soft, it’s within reaching range, easy to grab, and it just keeps coming the more and more we pull. Needless to say, all toilet paper has been removed from the holder and is up high where little hand’s can’t get. I sometimes wish that I […]


Safety proofing started, now I’m locked out.

Crap. Now that we’ve started safety proofing the house, there are cupboards I can’t get into and things I can’t get to. The worst part is some are the cupboards under the bathroom sink where the extra TP is. There’s now way you can get these stupid locks off when you realize you’re out. You have […]