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So what do we really have to safety proof?

This weekend we are starting to safety proof our home. I guess it’s time since Lily has got her army crawl down and can move across the room quite quickly. That, and she loves to put everything in her mouth. Here’s what we have on our agenda: Plug up the outlets. Tie cabinets shut; even […]


Babies crawl with their arms, not legs, right?

So Lily has been working at crawling. Somedays she does decent and we think she’s about to take off while other days she just rolls around. Lately she’s been crawling, but not using her feet. Instead, she uses her arms to pull herself around. Now I always thought that it’d be her feet powering her […]


Traveling with a baby, good idea or bad?

We have recently been invited to a wedding which we wouldn’t mind going to. However, it’s about 10 hours one way, with no stops, which is a heck of a long time for an adult to sit in the car, but what about a baby? How far is to far? We’re worried that Lily will […]


Can a baby go swimming in the pool?

We are headed to a hotel in the upcoming weeks and everyone wants to take the baby swimming, but is that ok? How old do they have to be before they can hop into the pool? Obviously they can’t go underwater or be unsupervised, but can they just sit in dads arms and kick the […]