Outlet PeopleThis weekend we are starting to safety proof our home. I guess it’s time since Lily has got her army crawl down and can move across the room quite quickly. That, and she loves to put everything in her mouth.

Here’s what we have on our agenda:

  • Plug up the outlets.
  • Tie cabinets shut; even though it’ll be a pain to get into them.
  • Clamp the toilet sets down. Though I’m not sure why she want to play in the bathroom, let alone the toilet.
  • Cover the door knobs. Maybe on that one. She’s not exactly tall enough to get to them or standing.

There are plenty of corners that probably need covering too, but how much is to much? We can’t turn our house into a padded room. Can we? Actually that could be kinda fun.

Maybe we should buy some baby gates too as we don’t want her crawling into the furnace room with the cat boxes. That’s something that doesn’t need to go in her mouth!! No baby girl, it’s not candy.

It’s not like we’re leaving her alone for her to wonder away, but she is curious. You never know where these little ones might end up.

What do you safety proof? What are we missing for a 6 month old?