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Can you baby proof a hotel room?

I han’t thought of baby proofing a hotel room before, but now that Lily is moving around a lot everything needs to be baby proofed. Well, as much as it can be. We’ve been to a few hotels with Lily, but she wasn’t this mobile before. Now that we are about to embark on a […]

Safety proofing started, now I’m locked out.

Crap. Now that we’ve started safety proofing the house, there are cupboards I can’t get into and things I can’t get to. The worst part is some are the cupboards under the bathroom sink where the extra TP is. There’s now way you can get these stupid locks off when you realize you’re out. You have […]

So what do we really have to safety proof?

This weekend we are starting to safety proof our home. I guess it’s time since Lily has got her army crawl down and can move across the room quite quickly. That, and she loves to put everything in her mouth. Here’s what we have on our agenda: Plug up the outlets. Tie cabinets shut; even […]

My Airbag is Frozen

I told you it was cold here in Minnesota. I don’t think we’ve hit 0 since Friday and it’s not exactly going to warm up anytime soon. Granted 12 is going to feel balmy and by the time it hits 30 we’ll be in shorts. 😀 However, it’s so cold that I think my airbag […]