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Car Booster Seats Scare Me

When you first have a baby, you get introduced to car sets. They are big, heavy and complex. You have to secure them to those little hooks buried in the seats and pull so tight you think you’re going to break something as the can’t move more than an inch in either direction. Your kid […]

Goodbye crib. Hello toddler bed.

I don’t know if I’m ready for this or not, but here we go. Lily’s crib has officially been converted to a toddler bed. She’s yet to see it as she’s been at grandmas for the past few days, but tonight will be her first night in it. I fully expect her to be up […]

Spoiling Lily and getting great deals.

When you have a kid, you realize how expensive they can be. However, with a little bit of looking, you can find great deals. Lily loves to swing, so we looked at getting her a swing for the back yard. We went back and forth on the decision until we found the one we wanted on […]

Use your imagination, it’s not just a box.

When you get a package in the mail, or some new appliance, what does it come in? Does it come in a box? Or does it come in a spaceship? The truth is, it’s not just a box, it’s whatever your imagination can think up. I know that when we get a delivery from, […]

Do humidifiers cause our kids to get sick?

Do you have a humidifier in your kids room? When is the last time you cleaned it? If you’re anything like us, it’s probably not been cleaned in a long time. And that’s not good. Lily’s humidifier was a year old and I don’t think we ever cleaned it. We only use it in the […]

Tips to giving medicine to your little ones.

We’ll Lily has completed her first round of medications. She had to take both eye drops and liquid meds and she did pretty well. With the eye drops the trick was to turn her head to the left try to put them in the corner of her left eye, right by the tear duct. Once […]

Did I just have a conversation at work about butt paste?

I never thought I’d be sitting at working have a conversation about butt paste with a co-worker, but it happened. It all started because he said he had some on his shirt and it snowballed from there. We talked about kinds of butt paste, diaper rash, how horrible it is, crying babies, pooping and all […]

Testing out SleepSacks with feet.

While at the store the other day, we noticed that SleepSacks now come with feet. It’s a way of allowing your little one to run around with a sleep sack on and, when it’s time for bed, you just put their little feet back into the SleepSack. So we bought one. We’ve had it for […]

Protecting the Christmas tree from Lily & the cats

Christmas is a fun time of the year, but having a little girl pulling ornaments off the tree, or taking it down, isn’t one of the fun parts. That’s why we put a gate around our Christmas tree. We purchased a North States Superyard XT Gate Play Yard and wrapped it around the tree. It fits nicely and […]

17 Unique and Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

What halloween costume are you getting for your little one this year? We’re going to be a little monkey and we’re going to be darn cute too. If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume for your baby yet, check out some of these unique and fun ideas! A pea pod for your little sweet […]