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This is the way we brush our teeth.

Lily is now getting her teeth brushed once a day and she love it. Brushing our teeth has been integrated into our bedtime routine so that she gets use to having to do it. Each night, after our nighttime bottle, we run over to the bathroom, get our toothbrush, and clean off our teeth. Lily […]


Successfully transitioned from formula to whole milk and bottles to sippy cups.

Once Lily turned one, the transition was on from bottles to sippy cups and from formula to whole milk. It took a couple of weeks, but she’s successfully transitioned. The biggest thing to remember is to go slow. We fist started introducing sippy cups instead of bottles before we started transitioning milk. We’d give Lily one for […]


The joy of toilet paper.

Lily has recently found the joy of toilet paper. It’s soft, it’s within reaching range, easy to grab, and it just keeps coming the more and more we pull. Needless to say, all toilet paper has been removed from the holder and is up high where little hand’s can’t get. I sometimes wish that I […]


Dear mosquitoes, stop biting my baby girl.

I love Minnesota, but the mosquitoes are no fun. Nearly every day my wife, baby girl and I go for a walk. And nearly every day, we get bit by mosquitoes. I joke that Lily has mosquitopox. The red bumps make me think of chickenpox, but lucky for us, they’re not. We’ve tried getting a clip-on […]


Every parent needs a good digital camera.

If you are about to have a baby, there will be many things on your checklist to buy. One item I highly suggest getting, if you don’t already have one, is a nice digital camera. You want something small and easy to use as you’ll be taking lots of photos. You’ll want to be able […]