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Every parent needs a good digital camera.

Digital CameraIf you are about to have a baby, there will be many things on your checklist to buy. One item I highly suggest getting, if you don’t already have one, is a nice digital camera.

You want something small and easy to use as you’ll be taking lots of photos. You’ll want to be able to carry it around in your pocket, pull it out quickly and take a picture of most everything.

Plus, with digital camera, you can take LOTS of photos and then only print out the ones you want. Or take photos of random moments in hopes of getting that perfect shot. I can’t tell you how many bad pictures I have, but I have three times as many great ones!

What we usually do is import all our photos into iPhoto and then select the ones we want printed out, put them on a USB flash drive and take them to Target to print out. Messing with a photo printer is not high on my list of things to worry about. Instead let Target, Wal-Mart or another store do the printing.

It’s also nice if your digital camera can do video so you can record events as they happen. It may not be as good of quality as a regular video camera, but the small size and portability make up for it. Plus the video in most digital cameras are getting much better.

So when you’re out buying a crib, car seat, diapers, clothes and tons of other baby stuff, don’t forget a good digital camera. Those pictures will be around long after the everything else and will be one thing that you’ll cherish the most.

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