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Tips to giving medicine to your little ones.


We’ll Lily has completed her first round of medications. She had to take both eye drops and liquid meds and she did pretty well.

With the eye drops the trick was to turn her head to the left try to put them in the corner of her left eye, right by the tear duct. Once in, turn her head to the right and they’d slide right in. Then do the same for the other side.

This works really well except when your kid doesn’t want to be sitting there. Then it’s best to bribe them.

I’d give Lily the bottle of eye drops and she’d play with it for a few minutes. Then I’d take off the cap and give it to her while I put the drops in her eyes. It made it easier, but still not easy. However every little bit helps.

With the liquid medicine that had to be taken orally, she actually didn’t mind the taste, but she never remembered that. It was a struggle to get the first drop in, but after that, she was happy to eat the rest.

Again, bribing works well. Lily could have a few yogurt drops or some juice if she’d take the medication.

Also, Target has great syringes and bottle system that works really slick. I don’t know what other pharmacies do, but Target makes it easy to dispense, measure and give the meds.

No one said that giving medication to a little one would be easy, and it usually isn’t. But its learning a few tricks here and there that can make it easier on everyone.

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