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FedEx rocks at customer service while USPS fails.


I ordered a few things from Amazon the other day and they decided to ship them to me in three different packages so that I could get them sooner; which was really nice since I didn’t have to pay more.

On Feb 9th I got notice that package 1 shipped. Feb 12th package 2 shipped. Feb 13th package 3 shipped.

Package 2 arrived on Feb 14th and package 3 arrived on Feb 15th. But where is package 1?

According to my tracking number, the status is ‘Shipment Accepted’ with an expected delivery date of February 15, 2011. It said that on the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th.

On the 18th I tried to call USPS. Unfortunately all I got was automated messages and no way to get a live person. I then called a few post offices and no one answered.

Finally, after a half hour, someone I called actually answered the phone! A real person! They said my package hadn’t arrived at USPS yet. It was probably at FedEx as they ship things together sometimes. The only thing they could do was tell me to wait.

Annoyed by this whole situation I was complaining on Twitter. Shortly after I mentioned FedEx, @FedexAl responded to me asking how they could help. I explained the situation and they asked for me to email my tracking number in and they’d see what they could do.


FedEx, by at least acknowledging my existence and making an effort to help, made me happy. I actually felt like someone cared; unlike all the automated messages at USPS and offices that didn’t pick up the phone.

FedEx confirmed that the package was at a post office in Minneapolis and had been there since February 11th. They even gave me the local phone number. Of course when I called them, no one answered. I did get voice mail so I left a message and am hoping someone will call me back.

I still really don’t know where my package is, or when I’ll arrive, but having a real person try to help makes a big difference. FedEx took the time to acknowledge my issue and help, even though it really wasn’t their problem.

Thanks FedEx!

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  1. Miliani says:

    I too have had soooo many problems with the USPS….Here’s the latest:

    On Saturday, December 17th I sent an Overnight Express Mail Envelope to NYC with “GUARANTEED” Delivery by 3pm Monday, December 19th. Today is Thursday, December 22nd and I am still searching for (and getting the run around) about my envelope which contained very important, time sensitive documents. This is now the 4th time this or something similar has happened to me in a matter of months, and it’s about time that I speak out….So I created a FB page to raise awareness:

    P.S. I’m a Minnesotan as well, but living in Los Angeles now!

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