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Now with pink eye and bronchitis.

WheezyI’m ready for winter to be over as Lily has been extra sick this winter. It’s always something and on Saturday, Lily’s eye looked a little pink and her cough didn’t sound good, so I took her into the doctor. Turns out she had the start of pink eye and possibly bronchitis.

The good news here is that it was just the start and we caught it early enough. She’s now on two different meds to battle each one.

We were thinking she might have pink eye because her eyes had been really goopy for the past few days. So much so that they were almost stuck shut in the mornings. They were a little pink, but nothing major.

The bronchitis we weren’t sure about, but her cough seemed to be getting deeper and it sounded like she was trying to cough something up. She also sounded a bit wheezy.

Overall, Lily is still a happy girl. She’s not letting the pink eye or bronchitis get to her. She’s also doing really well with the meds.

Hopefully in a week everything will be all cleared up and we’ll be all better!

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