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Car Booster Seats Scare Me

Car Booster SeatWhen you first have a baby, you get introduced to car sets. They are big, heavy and complex.

You have to secure them to those little hooks buried in the seats and pull so tight you think you’re going to break something as the can’t move more than an inch in either direction. Your kid is so secure that they can’t move.

Then you get to a booster set.

Booster seats are light, very light. They don’t have clamps and it doesn’t have to be in tight. You just toss it in the back, put the seatbelt through one side, and you’re done.

Booster seats move so easily my daughter can adjust her seat left or right while I drive down the road. She can also lean over and grab just about anything. They say you can lock the seatbelt, but unlocking the seatbelt means you have to untangle it from the booster seat. Its like she’s free rein back there!

I know, booster seats are just as secure as anything else as they use the seat belt that keeps us all safe. However, going from something so snug to something so lose is scary.

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