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Testing out SleepSacks with feet.

While at the store the other day, we noticed that SleepSacks now come with feet. It’s a way of allowing your little one to run around with a sleep sack on and, when it’s time for bed, you just put their little feet back into the SleepSack. So we bought one.

SleepSack with Feet

We’ve had it for a few weeks now and it’s working out quite nice. Lily can run around in it and doesn’t have to worry about falling flat on her face like with regular SleepSacks. When it’s time for bed, I pull her little feet out of the feet holes and she’s in a SleepSack.┬áHer feet stay nice and warm too, just like they should.

When we bought her SleepSack with feet, we did buy it a little to big. It’ll work for years to come, but right now there are a few issues with length. Nothing Lily can’t overcome though.

If you like the warmth of a SleepSack, yet hate that your little one can’t run around with it on, check out the new versions with feet. They’re a nice addition to the SleepSack family.

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