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17 Unique and Fun Baby Halloween Costumes

What halloween costume are you getting for your little one this year? We’re going to be a little monkey and we’re going to be darn cute too.

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume for your baby yet, check out some of these unique and fun ideas!

A pea pod for your little sweet pea.

If you’re little one is a little bit more sassy, than punch it up a notch with a chili pepper costume!

Don’t want to go healthy? Then how about pizza!

What about a super hero? Like Batman! Or Batwoman.

And don’t forget Robin. Everyone needs a side kick. Ohh maybe that could be Dad.

You can never go wrong on Halloween being a cute cow.

Or a dinosaur. Raawwwrrr

Anyone fancy a mermaid?

Have your baby rock out this halloween as Elvis!

Most babies aren’t that slow after a few months, so this could be a speedy snail.

Mmmm a Hershey’s Kiss

Be different. Be Yoda!

Scooby-Doo, where are you?

This would be perfect if you got Dad dressed up as Shaggy!

Put your little stinker in a skunk outfit and then you won’t have to worry about them filling their pants as it’ll be part of the costume!

Maybe your little peanut should be a peanut for Halloween.

Look! It’s Superman! Or Superbaby.

Ok, I think dressing up your baby in an air freshener costume would be hilarious!

What Halloween costume are you picking? Or what has your little one dressed up in the past? I’m sure we’ll need some good ideas for next Halloween.

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