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This is the way we brush our teeth.

Baby Toothbrush

Baby Toothbrush

Lily is now getting her teeth brushed once a day and she love it.

Brushing our teeth has been integrated into our bedtime routine so that she gets use to having to do it.

Each night, after our nighttime bottle, we run over to the bathroom, get our toothbrush, and clean off our teeth. Lily knows exactly what’s going on and races to the bathroom every night. She’s sooo excited.

We first started out with a big plastic baby toothbrush, and then moved to a much smaller finger brush. The downside is that I have to stick my finger in her mouth, but after Dad gets bit once or twice, Dad learns how to do it.

Pretty soon we’ll move to twice a day brushings and I think it’ll be easy as she already loves to get her teeth brushed.

I never really thought about brushing a baby’s teeth before, but I sure don’t want her taking after me in the┬ácavity┬ádepartment. Teach them young!

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