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At what point do we start to screw up our kids?

Lily In Cat Cube

Lily In Cat Cube

At what point do I have to start to worry about screwing my baby girl up? Is there really any reason to worry?

Lily is almost 9 months old and she’s moving, exploring, and there are lots of things that Lily does that I can’t help but laugh at.

Like when she plays with the cat cube. It’s lightweight and has holes in most sides that she can easily fit in, and she loves it. It’s challenging, it’s fun and, once she’s out, she can toss it across the room. It was never intended to be one of her toys, but I’m not about to take it away.

She also likes to crawl a lot, and when she runs into something, it has to move. If she runs into a cat, she pushes it with her head until the cat moves out-of-the-way. If she crawls into the cupboard, she keeps hitting it with her head waiting for it to move. After a few times, I pick her up and move her. I mean she has to learn eventually right?

When she makes funny noises, or mouth bubbles, we make them right back. We want her to learn to talk, but that doesn’t mean she can’t just make noise either.

We encourage her to do just about anything, within reason of course. It’s about learning, growing, exploring and just having fun.

I know that her mind is a sponge, and I’m a bit worried about that, but what’s the worst that could happen? Her turn into me? Ha ha. Oh

I think there are parents who worry too much and then there are those that don’t worry enough. I hope we are right in-between and I think there is no reason to worry about screwing Lily up. We’ll worry about that when she’s a teenager.

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  1. SPOC says:

    Well said, I just wish all parents had the same aspect.

  2. Cheri, Ty & Charlee Rose says:

    She is just way too sweet! I bet it is fun to see her learn new things.

    I am finally figuring out to follow on here!!

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