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Dear ear infections, you suck.

Last night Lily woke up crying again. We tried the hug & a book approach but this time it didn’t work. She’d go down for short periods of time, but then she’d be backup and crying.

We then tried to let her sleep with us, but that wasn’t working well either. She’s sleep for maybe 30 minutes, then be up just bawling. 9pm turned into 11, 11 into 1am and things kept going the same.

Finally around what was probably 2am, our 30 minute stints turned into an hour and we all got a few hours of sleep. However not nearly enough.

We got her into the doctor first thing in the morning only to find out she had a double ear infection. That’s right, double. 🙁

Now she’s on medication and it’s been a long day for everyone. Lily looked exhausted all day but continued having sleeping issues. It just hurts too much.

We’re crossing our fingers that she does better tonight. The medication should be helping and we also gave her infant Tynol. All should help keep the pain down so we can all sleep.

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