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Dear ear infections, you suck.

Last night Lily woke up crying again. We tried the hug & a book approach but this time it didn’t work. She’d go down for short periods of time, but then she’d be backup and crying. We then tried to let her sleep with us, but that wasn’t working well either. She’s sleep for maybe […]

My little girl kind of looks like me.

Holy cow, my little girl kinda looks like a little me. It’s a little bit weird, and yet really cool! When we first had Lily everyone we knew said who she looked like. Everyone on my wife’s side could see baby Christi and everyone on my side of the family could see baby Thomas. And […]

Does spoiled start with an L?

Christmas has come and gone and what are we left with? Toys toys and more toys. It’s amazing how one little kid can have so many toys. I didn’t think we got her that much stuff, but it’s everywhere. Not to mention the toys the family gave as well. Lily loves them all though and […]

Merry Christmas!

To all our family and friends, Merry Christmas! I hope this holiday is special for you and your family and that you take a moment to be thankful for everyone in your life that makes it so great.

Doing some Christmas baking.

We’re doing some Christmas baking today and Lily is helping out. That’s actually powdered sugar in the photo, not flower. And more than a little made it into her mouth; among all the other places that it ended up!

Separation anxiety happens to parents too.

Our little girl is finally home, sleeping in her crib. It’s seems like forever since we saw her last and she looks so grown up! ūüėČ Our plan was to send her home with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday¬†afternoon¬†and pick her up on Sunday afternoon. Add in a full day at work for Dad on […]

Attack of the Mucus & Flem

We’ve been so good at keeping Lily healthy that I’m worried we are going to start making up for all her missed sick time. Over the weekend, the Mucus and flem started attacking and she hasn’t been sleeping well, hasn’t been feeling well, and sounds horrible at times. It all started at about 2am Saturday […]

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving with the family.

This year Thanksgiving should be a lot of fun. Lily is walking and talking and ready to help out. We’ll have both sets of grandparents up she’ll be the¬†center¬†of attention. Plus there will be all the food that I’m sure she’ll just gobble right down. See eats pretty much¬†everything these days. I’m thankful this Thanksgiving, […]

Will we always get sick when Lily gets sick?

If you recall, last week Lily got sick. It only lasted 12 hours or so and she dealt with it really good, however, the next day, I got sick. The day after that, Christi got sick. If we would have had any other family members, they’d have gotten sick too. That begs the question, will […]

Having a vomiting baby is no fun.

Well it had to happen, Lily got sick. We’ve been so blessed with a child that got some colds, a¬†fever¬†once, but never anything to terrible. Until last night, at about 1am. You see I was sound asleep until something woke me. My wife darted out of bed before I knew what was going on and […]