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Having a vomiting baby is no fun.

Well it had to happen, Lily got sick.

We’ve been so blessed with a child that got some colds, a fever once, but never anything to terrible. Until last night, at about 1am.

Sick EeyoreYou see I was sound asleep until something woke me. My wife darted out of bed before I knew what was going on and she came back with a baby covered in vomit. Lovely.

We then proceeded to clean her up and I had the task of replacing her crib sheet. Which I went right in to do until I smelled the vomit and nearly vomited myself. OMG! I then covered my nose with my shirt and changed it as fast as I could.

Ohh look, vegetables.

Lily then slept with us as she was to shook to go back into her crib. It was her first time vomiting and I’m sure it wasn’t any fun for her.

Not long after we all laid down and started to go back to sleep, she vomited again.

After some discussion, we decided that I should take Lily downstairs and sleep with her so Christi could get her sleep as she was going to work in the morning. I then got the sick day.

Once downstairs, Lily ran and played and was having a great time. Seeing as it was like 1:30am, I laid her down next to me and we proceeded to fall asleep. Then she vomited.

This proceeded a few more times, however the time in-between the vomit got a bit longer. So we did get some sleep. Just not a whole lot.

Also, if you’re looking for the bright side, the first incident was on a full stomach. By the fourth and fifth, it was more of the dry heaves. Less mess!

Since we got up this morning, Lily has been having a great day. No really. She’s been running and playing and hanging out with Dad. She’s eating and drinking and has no other issues.

We’re hoping that whatever it was is now out of her system. If not, we will at least know how to deal with the situation a little bit more the second time around.

Ohh, if you’re ever chaining a diaper and think it smells horrible, just wait till your kid vomits. Then you’ll be wishing for a nasty diaper.

Nothing is worse than vomit!

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  1. Josh says:

    Maybe she ate something that didn’t sit well with her. I hope you have a better night tonight!

  2. Parry says:

    Never any fun. I have two babies now (one is 17 months and the other 3 weeks), so I’ve had a more than a few bouts with the vomiting.

    All you can do is ride it out and, unless it doesn’t stop for hours, hang on and let it run its course.

    And wear a crappy shirt.

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