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Are you a Posterous fan? What about Tumblr?

MicrobloggingI keep looking at microblogging sites, like Posterous and Tumbler, and think they look cool, but I never get around to doing much with them.

To be honest, I love my WordPress and I don’t know why I’d want to create more content elsewhere.

I can see the advantage from ease of use, but the lack of features and the lack of owning/controlling the software that runs my site concerns me.

Are you a Posterous or Tumblr fan? What makes you love them so much?

Just trying to find out if I’m missing something here. 🙂

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  1. Scott says:

    I have a private Tumblr account that I use to post funny stuff my 3yo says, just so I can look back on it later and laugh. But I agree–I’ll take good ol’ WordPress. It isn’t any less convenient to use.

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