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Can the clothes your kids wear turn them gay? What about into a ninja?

rainbow starsThere is a great post over at Nerdy Apple Bottom about a mom who’s 5-year-old boy wanted to dress up as Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween. Mom agreed and he was so happy, but not everyone was.

Turns out, he was afraid of being made fun of at school. But it wasn’t his classmates that cared. No they gave him high fives and thought it was awesome. It was the other parents that were pointing and gasping as if he created some unholy sin. It’s Halloween, it’s a costume, he’s 5. What the hell?

I have a little girl so I don’t have to worry about this scenario. But if my little girl wants to be a football player on Halloween, would people stop and stare? Or would they say she’s so cute?

I guess it’s OK for girls to be boys but not for boys to be girls.

Now I understand that a boy dressing up as a girl may seem a little odd at first, but he’s 5 years old and it’s just for one day. He shouldn’t have to be worried about pretending to be whatever he wants. That’s why being a kid is so great.

As parents, we worry so much about our kids growing up right, treating others with respect and being all around good people, that we forget they get that from us. In order for them to be good people, the parents have to be good people as well.

The fact of the matter is kids should be kids. Let them use their imagination, let them try different things, let them have fun.

Dressing up like a girl for Halloween will not make your kids gay. That’s about as stupid as saying that a ninja costume will turn your kid into a real life ninja!

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