I hardly ever think about screen burn anymore. The idea of leaving one image on my computer screen for so long that it starts to burn the image into it forever doesn’t seem like it would happen. That’s what the screen saver or sleep mode is for anyway.

But what about my iPad?

iPad Screen Burn

Most of the time, I wouldn’t even think of my iPad getting screen burn. However, some apps are designed to be on all the time and I’ve started running some of them for hours.

Apps like Night Stand, Weather HD and Weather Station make the idea of leaving the iPad on for hours logical. They’re providing real-time information that’s handy to have on all the time.

Just the other night I was using the iPad as my clock and it was on for hours, just telling me the time.

So do I have to worry about screen burn on my iPad?

I think that Steve Jobs would have thought of that. Maybe the iPad screens aren’t susceptible or maybe it’d take days instead of hours to burn the screen. But I’m not sure.

What do you think? Any reason to be concerned here?