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The Story of the Scarecrow in iPlaid.

Have you heard the story of the Scarecrow in iPlaid? S. Crow was feeling sad. His tired outfit – old and drab 🙁 S.V. friends had the answer! They used their iPads. Now S. Crow is handsome in a shirt of iPlaid! This is one of the many scarecrows decorating Waconia, MN. It’s located at […]

Make Your iPhone Sing With Monsters!

If you’re looking for an addicting iOS game, check out My Singing Monsters. My wife downloaded it a while back and I’ve recently become addicted. Basically, you get to raise these cute little monsters that make music. Add more monsters and they make beautiful music together. As you work through the game the monsters earn […]

Quick review of six free iPad handwriting apps.

I now have a stylus for my iPad so I thought I’d check out some handwriting apps. Now I’m not a power user but here are the six free ones I downloaded and tested. GoodNotes GoodNotes is by far the most feature rich app I used. The handwriting is nice and smooth, interface is simplistic and […]

Why is finding books so hard in iOS book apps?

I can’t quite figure out why the three leading eBook companies make it so hard to find books on the iPad. The other day my daughter wanted a princess book so I opened up iBooks on the iPad and searched. I could search for books in the store, but, much to my surprise, I could not […]

New iPad multitasking gestures are not so hot with a toddler.

When iOS 5.0.1 came out my original iPad got new multitasking gestures. I was excited because now I could use four or five-finger gestures to swipe up and reveal the multitasking bar, pinch to return to the Home screen, and swipe left or right to switch between apps. As I was testing them out I was finding it a […]

Turn your iPad or iPhone into a weather radio.

I’ve been looking to get a new weather radio and I found a really good, and cheap, one that happens to be an iOS app. NOAA Weather Radio is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to over 160 weather radio stations from all around the country and even a few in Canada. […]

Spent $0.99 on Bird Zapper for iPad and it’s awesome.

I don’t usually impulse buy games for my iPad, but when I saw Bird Zapper the other day, something made me download it and I’m glad I did. Bird Zapper has fantastic graphics, good game play and it keeps me wanting to play more. Basically you use your finger to connect three or more like […]

Life on just the iPad doesn’t work for me.

Well I made it though a week without my iMac. How did I do? Well…. not so good. I was doing fine for a few days. Granted it helped that Lily was sick and I had to sleep with her a few nights and that took away from my computer time. However I found it […]

Can I survive a week with only the iPad?

My iMac is currently in temporary storage. We were to get our carpets cleaned today, now it’s not until next Monday. So instead of moving everything back, it’s staying in storage. That means that my desk and iMac are not available to me. Ok, they could be if I really wanted. But I thought it […]