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What are you asking Mac Santa for this year?

Mac SantaWhat kind of cool Mac gifts are on your Christmas wish list this year?

I’m hoping to get iLife 11 as it’ll be a nice upgrade from my iLife 08. I’d like iWork 11 as well, but that’s not out just yet.

I’m also hoping Santa brings me an Apple iPad case. I love my iPad but lack a decent case.

And maybe a set of composite AV cables. I hear good things about people being able to project videos and photos on the TV and I’m thinking maybe I’d like to do that.

A BlueTooth keyboard would be kind of nice for it too, but I’m afraid a second device would seem a little awkward. Especially since I use my iPad on the couch most of the time. Plus I’m decent at typing on the virtual keyboard.

iTunes gift cards are always welcome. You can never have too much money banked in the iTunes Store.

I thought about a Magic Trackpad, but I have a Magic Mouse so I’m not sure I need one. Haven’t tried one though either. Maybe they are wicked cool. The reviews seem to be extremely positive.

The Apple TV looks sweet at the $99 price range but I’m worried it’d feel limited. I don’t buy or rent shows from iTunes, but we do watch a lot of Hulu and Netflix. With the Wii running Netflix, I’m just not sure I need an Apple TV.

What would be ideal, in my mind, would be a Mac Mini to use as a media center. It can do pretty much everything, but it’s not cheap.

Those are a few things that I’m hoping Mac Santa brings me. What are you hoping for?

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  1. Jamie D says:

    Here is a bluetooth keyboard for the iPad that you might like:|C4CategoryProdList1FDT|9489665

    A coworker has one and loves it.

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