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Got Creative Over The Holidays

  I always have good intentions to do something creative, but this year I actually got a few projects done. One is a reversible scarecrow snowman that I my wife saw on Pinterest. It’s about three feet tall and has weathered the weather pretty well so far as it sits outside our front door. The clothes pins […]


Some Post Holiday Cheer

Christmas and New Years have come and gone. Seems like not long ago we were just putting up the tree. Good news though is that all the red and green stuff is 70% off at the store. Score! We had a great holiday this year and are very blessed with everything we have and everyone […]


A little holiday bubbly.

Holiday Santa bubble light., a photo by TwisterMc on Flickr. It’s nearly Christmas and I’m ready! Only a couple more sleeps and then my daughter will be spoiled rotten. Not to mention all the food we are going eat and family we’re going to see. Now, how about a little more snow to freshen up […]