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Hang LED Pixels with gutter clips.

LED Pixels hung with gutter clips.
LED Pixels on the house.

When you’re starting out with LED pixels (programmable Christmas lights) not everyone is ready to go all in and spend big bucks on pixel mounting strips or other more permanent installs. Instead, you can use cheap gutter clips.

Grab some universal gutter clips which can be found at Target, Lowes, Home Depot, or other stores. What you’re looking for specifically are ones that can twist at the top to hold mini Christmas bulbs. Once twisted, they can hold LED pixels as well.

Gutter clips twisted to hold LED pixels.
Gutter Clips

I mount my lights pointing out towards the street when on the gutters and pointed down when on the shingles. Others have said that you avoid having the lights pointed down as that exposes the back of the LEDs to rain and snow which could, in theory, work it’s way into the light, however I haven’t had issues yet and half of my lights are pointed down.

The downside to using gutter clips is it takes a lot of them. It took me quite a while to get them all on the house, however, they look great. Each bulb is also not perfectly aligned, but honestly you can’t tell from the street.

I already had a lot of gutter clips, so the cost was low, otherwise they cost around $5 for 75 clips at the store. I was able to use the clips on shingles and gutters, and they’ve been holding strong through some high wind, rain, and snow.

Gutter clips are a cheap and easy way to hang your LED pixels for the holidays.

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