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Life on just the iPad doesn’t work for me.

iPad KeyboardWell I made it though a week without my iMac. How did I do? Well…. not so good.

I was doing fine for a few days. Granted it helped that Lily was sick and I had to sleep with her a few nights and that took away from my computer time.

However I found it difficult to live just on the iPad.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the iPad and think it’s a great machine. But it lacks advanced controls that you get on your computer and multitasking is pretty much non-existent.

What I found especially hard was blogging. Writing a post was easy, getting media into the post, formatting it and adding links was painful.

The good news is it works great for email, reading RSS feeds (as long as you don’t want to share the stories), games, Facebook, Twitter, weather, news and things like that.

I did like the simplicity too and the lack of real multi-tasking is nice at times. Do one thing and do it well is a nice philosophy.

For me, I’m to use to doing many things at once, copying & pasting & sharing things, saving out photos, creating graphics and lots of random stuff. It just took much longer to do them on the iPad or was to hard to get done. I am a nerd/geek after all.

The iPad is still the coolest gadget I have and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but it’s a supplement to my iMac, not a replacement.

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