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Turn your iPad or iPhone into a weather radio.

noaa weather radio hd iconI’ve been looking to get a new weather radio and I found a really good, and cheap, one that happens to be an iOS app.

NOAA Weather Radio is an iPhone and iPad app that lets you listen to over 160 weather radio stations from all around the country and even a few in Canada.

The app also has current weather conditions, radar andĀ forecast.

If you setup your location, it’ll alert you via push notifications when there are severe alerts in your area. Just like a normal weather radio, it’ll make the weather radio warning sound too.

What’s nice is that you can set up alerts for just your county. And, if you want, you can set up alerts for any other county in the US.

At $3.99 for iPhone and $1.99 for the iPad (limited time price), this is one cheap, fully featured, portable weather radio. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to be notified of severe weather in the area.

Sadly it’s not available for Android. If you know of a good one for Android, let me know.

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