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Add special effects to your texts on iOS.

iOS can do a lot of things and some we forget about. Tonight, my daughter stumbled across message effects! Message effects are going to make my texts so much more fun. Even if it’s just one emoji fulfilling up the screen. This video doesn’t include the secret pew pew message effect if you just send […]

Stocard makes Apple’s Wallet (Passbook) better by adding your rewards cards.

I’m a fan of Apple’s Wallet (previously Passbook) but it’s really limited for me. It’s not easy to add a card and it’s not compatible with every rewards card for some odd reason. But, that’s where Stocard comes in. Stocard comes pre-programmed with lots of rewards cards and you just have to find your card […]

Apple’s Low Power Mode in iOS 9 is Amazing

Apple has a Low Power Mode in iOS 9 and it’s fantastic. It temporary reduces your phones power consumption when enabled. It won’t check for new mail, disables background app refresh, disables automatic downloads, and reduces some visual effects. Not only will it save your battery, but it’ll also charge your phone faster. To enable […]

iOS 7 Calendar Tip: Improve the Calendar layout in Notification Center.

If you’re like me, you have a lot of things on your calendar every day. However, the default calendar layout in Notification Center can get a bit busy. Turns out, you can change this layout by chaining the layout in Calendar. It’s as easy as touching an icon. Default layout in Calendar: Default layout in Notification Center: […]

Spice up Safari, Evernote, iTunes, Finder & more with emoji icons.

Since 10.8 Apple has had emoji icons built into the OS. Until recently, I used these for Twitter and IM, but not much else. Turns out, they’re actually really handy other places too. In Evernote I use them to easily identify some of my notes. In calendar, I can add palm trees to my vacation. […]

Google Hangouts no longer sucks on iOS.

Google Hangouts 2 for iOS finally fixes the app and makes it usable again. No more swearing at the app while you wait for messages to appear. A while back I wrote about how bad Google Hangouts is. Great idea, bad execution. One of my points was about how the iOS app is horribly slow. Well, now we can […]

When you run out of Dropbox space, try Copy. A great alternative.

I have Dropbox and I love it. It’s my goto for storing and syncing files to the cloud. Even though I’ve been able to rack up some additional free space on Dropbox, it’s still pretty lacking in the free space department. There are a lot of other options but Copy is quickly becoming one of […]

Make Your iPhone Sing With Monsters!

If you’re looking for an addicting iOS game, check out My Singing Monsters. My wife downloaded it a while back and I’ve recently become addicted. Basically, you get to raise these cute little monsters that make music. Add more monsters and they make beautiful music together. As you work through the game the monsters earn […]

Quick review of six free iPad handwriting apps.

I now have a stylus for my iPad so I thought I’d check out some handwriting apps. Now I’m not a power user but here are the six free ones I downloaded and tested. GoodNotes GoodNotes is by far the most feature rich app I used. The handwriting is nice and smooth, interface is simplistic and […]

Correct WordPress misspellings, or anything, in your writing automatically!

Did you know that the P in WordPress should always be uppercase? That capital P makes a difference. Same goes for ExpressionEngine (capital second E) and many other technologies or names. An easy way to fix this is to add in an auto correct rule in your OS or text expansion application to change the incorrect spelling the correct […]