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Stocard makes Apple’s Wallet (Passbook) better by adding your rewards cards.

Stocard Apps

I’m a fan of Apple’s Wallet (previously Passbook) but it’s really limited for me. It’s not easy to add a card and it’s not compatible with every rewards card for some odd reason. But, that’s where Stocard comes in.

Stocard comes pre-programmed with lots of rewards cards and you just have to find your card (like Sams Club), scan your barcode, and you’re done. You now have a digital rewards card and can remove it from your wallet.

If you’re card isn’t in Stocard’s database, then you can manually add it. You can also add pictures of your card for those stores that require them.

If the card you add supports PDF-417 or QR-Code barcode formats, it’ll even allow you to add it to Apple’s Wallet. However, not all cards support the right kind of barcode format so they remain in Stocard. Still easy to access, and better than carrying them in your wallet.

I’ve tried a number of other reward cards iOS apps but none have been as easy to use, completely free, and ad-free. I don’t really see a downside here. Stocard is everything I’ve ever wanted in a rewards app and I finally found it.

Stocard is available on iOS, Apple Watch, and Android.

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