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Attack of the Mucus & Flem

SickWe’ve been so good at keeping Lily healthy that I’m worried we are going to start making up for all her missed sick time.

Over the weekend, the Mucus and flem started attacking and she hasn’t been sleeping well, hasn’t been feeling well, and sounds horrible at times.

It all started at about 2am Saturday morning when Lily scared the crap out of us. She woke up crying and screaming. We went in and she was shaking, extremely upset and was having troubles talking and breathing. We comforted her and she calmed down, but wouldn’t allow us to sit down or lay her back down.

It took some coaxing, but we finally got her to sleep with us and in the morning we took her into the doctor as she now had a fever too.

Turns out, she was fine. No ear infections or anything bad like that.

She does have a virus though and it’s causing a lot of mucus build up. When she’s tired, it has a tendency to get worse. So when she tries to sleep, she feels like she can’t breath and then she cries.

During the day, she’s usually fine. Except for a pretty nasty sounding cough that makes it sound like she’s been smoking for 80 years.

At night, and early in the morning, however is a different story. She sounds horrible, is unhappy and doesn’t sleep as well.

On Sunday night, she hardly┬áslept at all. She was up most of the night and didn’t settle down until 2am.

There isn’t much we can do for Lily either. We just have to let it run its course.

We are using Baby Vicks and making sure her humidifier is on in her room. We also propped her mattress up so that she wasn’t laying flat. That should help the mucus flow down and not collect in her throat.

We’re also keeping her out of daycare so that she doesn’t give this to the other kids.

Christi and I are battling to stop it from infecting us as well. So far, we are loosing but the fight is far from over.

I know that the colds and germs are everywhere, but I’m ready to have a healthy family again. I’m not a fan of going though this every few weeks.

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  1. Josh says:

    Get well soon Lily

  2. Thomas says:


    She’s getting better, but now passing it on.

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