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Separation anxiety happens to parents too.

Lily and her toysOur little girl is finally home, sleeping in her crib.

It’s seems like forever since we saw her last and she looks so grown up! 😉

Our plan was to send her home with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday afternoon and pick her up on Sunday afternoon.

Add in a full day at work for Dad on Friday, that means I last saw her on Thursday evening.

Throw in a blizzard, and that Sunday afternoon turned into Monday evening.

The hours just keep adding up! The few days just seemed so much longer.

Now my wife and I were happy to have some time to ourselves, but the house seemed so quiet, so empty.

It’s funny how going back to the way things were is never the same. This little girl who has taken over our lives wasn’t present and we missed her more than we thought we would.

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