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Picking Pumpkins

At the pumpkin patch.

At the pumpkin patch.

This is Lily’s second Halloween, but her first where she’s actually aware of what’s going on. So we decided to make it special by going out and picking our own pumpkins.

It wasn’t only Lily’s first time picking pumpkins, but as a family, we’d never done it either.

We all had a lot of fun and Lily pointed out the pumpkin she wanted. In all, we got 6 big pumpkins and two little, baby sized, ones. It was a lot of fun and the price was less than any of those pay-by-the-pound places.

We’ve also been realizing that Lily is going to love all the holidays this year. She’ll get to dress up for Halloween and we’ll probably even take her trick or treating; depending on the weather. Then there is Thanksgiving and Christmas. She’s going to have a blast and so are we!

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