Web Geek Buttons

I’m a web geek, are you? If you’re not sure, below are some ways to tell.

You might be a web geek if:

  • You understand ® ™ ©
  • You have to hide the fact that you kinda like using a WYSIWYG editor.
  • You can identify any font anywhere.
  • You love Google.
  • You think it’s funny to put ‘The’ in front of web companies. IE: The Google, The Twitter, The Facebook.
  • You hear the phrases “above the fold” or “outside the box” multiple times a day.
  • You love Firefox because you live in an illusion where Microsoft isn’t dictating its terms to humanity.
  • You swear more at work than you do at home or in traffic. And usually to IE.
  • You think ClientsFromHell.net is better than anything on TV.
  • You check Facebook at least once an hour. Twitter once every 10 minutes or so.
  • You have an iPad.
  • You don’t know what to do when the internet goes down.
  • You know what 4G is.
  • You think that WordPress is da’ bomb.
  • You sit on your computer when you should be sleeping.
  • You roll your eyes when someone says “online blog.”
  • You really want a button, or shirt, that says “You are the CSS to my HTML.”
  • You know why saying “I’m going to post a new blog” is wrong.
  • You love Firebug.
  • You prefer getting an email address over a phone number.
  • You think the cloud is the greatest idea ever.
  • You stream TV instead of watching it when it’s really on.
  • You wish you could Edit -> Undo things in real life.
  • You’re way addicted to StumbleUpon.
  • You use words like LOL and BRB offline.
  • You like to “Think Different.”
  • You really want to Tweet, Stumble, Like, Reddit or Digg this.
  • You made it though this whole list.

So what’d I miss? What else makes a web geek stand out?

Bonus: 21 reasons why the internet sucks.