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21 Reasons Why The Internet Sucks

Every day I sit in front of my iMac, just surfing the day away. Whether it’s for work or play, I’m always on the internet. However, nothings perfect. Everything has its flaws and here are 21 reasons why the internet sucks.

It’s always on.

Computer Face

Computer Face

Always on, always available, always ready to go. It’s not like TV where you plan our your shows, or sports where there is a defined season. Nope, it’s always internet season.

When it’s down, we freak out.

The Internet Is Down

The Internet Is Down

Dear God, it’s controlling our lives. A 5 minute outage can feel like an eternity! Or worse yet, you spend an hour hitting the reload button hoping for something to load. We could be outside, enjoying life, but no, the internet is down and we need to do everything in our power to bring it back, even though there probably isn’t anything we can do.

It’s everywhere.

Internet Draft $3

Internet Draft $3

Home, work, motels, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops or anywhere you have cell phone coverage you can be on the internet. It’s harder and harder to find places to escape. That is if you can handle escaping.

Makes people angry.

Cat Angry At The Internet

Cat Angry At The Internet

From pages not loading, to things not working right, or fast enough, too much to do, whatever the excuse, it seems that the little things can really make some unhappy people.

News travels fast. Too fast.



Across the world in seconds. That means that we are more informed about everything and that’s not always good. Just because a kid coughed in Mexico doesn’t mean I should be freaking out in MN about getting the swine flu.

Easy to fake.

Real iPhone & Fake iPhone Mini

Real iPhone & Fake Mini iPhone

No only does real news travel fast, but so does the fake stuff. You can whip up a rumor in seconds and get it to travel across the globe in no time. Remember how Steve Jobs died once?

Hard to tell truth from lies.

Add A Rainbow And It's All Good

Add A Rainbow And It’s All Good

Since it’s easy to fake, it’s hard to tell what’s fact and what’s fiction. You can’t be completely gullible, yet you can’t trust everything. Even big companies try to pass off lies as the truth.

It’s big. Like really big.

Big - Really Big Cat

Big – Really Big Cat

You’ll never get to the end of it, it’s impossible. It’s just this ever growing web of tangled information that is to big to even try and comprehend.

Hard to keep secrets.

Shh It's A Secret

Shh It’s A Secret

We’re about to have a baby any day now and I’m worried that if I get the call at work, before I’m even out the door the news will be on Twitter, then Facebook, and then my parents or in-laws will hear about it from a third-party and feel like they were the last to know. I just want to control the flow of baby news and keep the birth a secret until I’m ready for everyone to know. However, secrets and the internet don’t mix well.

Once it’s out there, it’s out there.

As Seen On The Internet

As Seen On The Internet

Information travels from one blog to the next. It hits social sites, or news sites, and it’s really hard to get back. If something private accidentally goes out, chances are, it’s forever on the internet. Scary huh?

It’s Addicting.

Homer Addicted To The Internet

Homer Addicted To The Internet

Ever sit at your computer at 12:30 a.m. and think to yourself, just one more stumble, one more tweet, one more blog post? Yea, me too. How do you think I found time to write this post. Sorry sleep.

Stupid Ads.

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

Not all ads are bad, but pop-up windows (even the web 2.0 ones), flashing banners, and sites that are made just to sick a crap load of advertisements on suck. Sometimes, I just want to read your content but can’t due to the overwhelming advertising.

People are mean.

Mean People Suck

Mean People Suck

It seems that when no one really knows you are which means you can hide behind your keyboard and be a jerk really easy. People grow a nice set of balls on the internet and it’s unfortunate that they use them for evil and not for good.

There is always something new.

Cool Apple T-Shirts

Cool Apple T-Shirts

Everywhere you turn there’s a new funny picture, a new cool video, a new free service, advancements, upgrades, gadgets, posts and so much more! It’s all shiny and new every minute of every day. Even when it’s old, if you haven’t seen it before, it’s new to you.

We believe it.

I Want To Believe

I Want To Believe

Have you ever had someone say “I read online that….” Really? You read it online so that makes it true? Sometimes yes, but where did you get your information? WebMD or Believe it or not, not everything on the internet is true!

Everyone’s an expert.

Learn How To Be An Expert

Learn How To Be An Expert

No degree is needed, just say you’re an expert and wa-la. You can a lot from so-called experts like: how to cook, second languages, become a priest, do sugary, or you can even learn to build a house. All this and more From some “expert” who took the time to blog it or record a video.

It can spread hate.

Start Love. End Hate.

Start Love. End Hate.

The internet does a great job of connecting people, except when it connects the sickos or bad people. I’m sure I could find many sites that support hate, discrimination and other things that would be better off not being talked about.

You can learn bad bad things.

Kill Stab Die

Kill Stab Die

Wanna learn how to make a bomb? It’s on the internet. Want to learn how to get away with murder? It’s on the internet. It’s sad, but it’s out there.

Lack of privacy.

Nowhere To Hide

Nowhere To Hide

If it’s in the news, it’s on the internet. If it’s on the internet, everyone can access it. If it’s personal information, it’s not always private. You just might be amazed at what people can find out about you via the internet.

It can be used against you in a court of law.

Do Bad Things, Put Them On The Internet

Do Bad Things, Put Them On The Internet

Yea, so if you choose to do bad things they can take your computer and track your internet usage and use it against you. Or maybe all they need to do is look at your YouTube videos, Facebook account, or any online site where they may find you incriminating yourself. So I’d avoid doing bad bad things if I were you.

Everyone’s a critic.

Old School Computer Pict

Gawker Media

Movies, music, people, and even your random blog posts are all available for criticism. People love to tell people how much they, or something they like, suck. Why can’t we all just be friends?


I Love The Internet

Even with all its faults, I still love the internet.

65 Responses

  1. david says:

    I agree with you about how people use the internet to be so mean and spread hate. I’ve read some of it and does not give me any good feeling at all. I’ve tried to interact with them but they are like bullies shouting down everyone, making fun of people. It’s disturbing


    I’m glad though there are good sites and thanks for yours.

    • This post is right on..

      I would go one step further and say this is why hate is so heavy in the world.

      Every stupid trend is started somewhere stupid typically.

      Not because of local agenda’s anymore.

      Nope more like worldwide agendas now coming from the same source.

      The Internet and the rich divulging into many facets in life.

      So yeah mean people suck is a polite way to put it but I agree none the less.

      All your other points are one the money.

    • Ernest says:

      so true!!

  2. noah sussman says:

    Nice post! Lolz!1!


    > Wanna learn how to make a bomb? It’s on the internet.

    Yawn. Wanna learn how to make a bomb? The information is most likely in your local library. If not you can definitely ask your friendly librarian to order the book for you.

    The Internet definitely can make it easier to get information. And some information (mostly scientific and technical research) really is only available online.

    • jimmy says:

      that’s so true. i get one just to check my mail and end up on it for hour’s. when does it end? sleep’s where it end’s.

  3. Ryan says:

    Oh, man, I agree. I’m so addicted to the Internet. I’ll get on at 12 to do 3 things and that ends up multiplying like rabbits into 50 things. It just never stops.

  4. Emile Myrtho Sophonie says:

    It was awesome, it begins like telling why we must ate internet and ends like no matter how sucks it can be we always need it and love it. That was very nice

  5. Martin says:

    Man you couldn’t have explained it any should made this into
    a documentry or just a video .A lot of people can learn from this.This is one that no one
    can Argue with.

  6. Ryan says:

    I’ve got one. People don’t bother to proofread as well because they can always go back and fix it, if they actually notice their mistake.

    “News travels fast. To fast.”

  7. the cat says:

    you suck…… but its true….its like crack….it’s all true damn you….damn internet…i suck and its true…damn internet…i’m sorry!….please take me back… i love you!

  8. g.epp says:

    Add another problem: Important questions lack answers! Try getting an answer you really need and see what happens. You try all kinds of search patterns and none of them pan out, then you finally find a self proclaimed expert and they want big money on faith to consider answering your question. I’ve come to the conclusion that its better to just avoid the internet and use the phone. At least then I’ll be talking with somebody who knows the answer or maybe knows somebody else who does.

  9. Captain Reality says:

    I’m turning the internet off now, forever.

    Back to before 1993 for me.


  10. maathieu says:

    22 : Uncyclopedia.

  11. JJW says:

    It’s not so much that I hate the internet, I’m just sick of it. It bores me to death. I didn’t get on-line until 1998 and looking back, I liked my life better before then. I don’t like having the added obligation of having to answer e-mails and check in on all the blogs, myspaces, facebooks and forums out there. It’s a lot of work and it wastes a lot of time. Besides, I really don’t care. Before 1998 I didn’t seem so hurried, I did more, talked to my friends on the phone and didn’t worry about much of anything. I miss that. I’m slowly weaning myself off the net which I didn’t spend a lot of time on anyway. I haven’t turned on my computer in over a week before today. Soon, I hope to be off it entirely and be happy. I’m looking forward to the day when I will smash my computer with a sledge hammer and rejoice in its total destruction.

  12. TJ says:

    the internet sucks! it never has what you are looking for…..unless its a money related advertisement…….all the internet is is one big advertisement….join now……for free………..then get charged…… credit card required….but could you please give us your number.

  13. Justin says:

    I agree with you on two things: it’s full of stupid ads, and it’s too easy to fake. However, if somebody makes a living with the internet, can you blame the for freaking out when they loose their connection. Also, I find it ironic that somebody is using the internet to say how much it sucks. Do you think life would be better without the internet?

  14. nunya says:

    I could not get over the spelling and grammar mistakes. I mean, they weren’t something I could pass. They were obvious. Normally, I wouldn’t care. But this is what the internet does.

  15. Irk says:

    item 1 and to clash don’t they?

  16. Irk says:

    item 1 and 2 clash don’t they?

  17. Jimmy Joe says:

    Yep, the internet “SUCKS ASS” as Cartman would say. A few minutes for porn, or social networking if you are not a dinosaur like me. A few minutes for tunes. A few minutes for web surfing. Then go outside and talk to some real people or for challenge.. Exercise. The new internet generation is killing itself, not so slowly either; they are the first group of kids that have a life expectancy shorter than that of their parents. That is the only legacy of the internet. Lastly, if you are over forty GET THE HELL OFF FACEBOOK AND MYSPACE and get a life. -opinions are like A-holes, I am no exception, niether are you-

  18. Random_Guy #267890 says:

    Completely agree with this blog, agree with all the 21 reasons, it’s always a lot more obvious when it’s written by someone. Personally, I think there could have been a lot more than 21 reasons why it sucks, though. It seems everyone spends all their time on the net these days, meeting places and conversations are always held online now. Balls.

  19. Sunshine the fox says:

    Unfortunately, the internet has MANY more cons then pros. That’s why I hate it ever more then I’ll love it. There’s was a time when the internet was new and fun to explore. But that was a long time ago when it was still young.

    I personally think the world would be much better without the internet…

  20. Louie says:

    The internet was good until 4chan f***** it all up with their crap.

  21. khadija says:

    You should add that it makes you LAZY!!! OMG…u can freakin buy ur grocieries online now!! lol. ah, technology! I wonder whats in store for the next decade!

  22. SARAH-internet hater says:

    haha .. I agree with you ..
    specially about the adiction part 😛

  23. CaptainReality says:

    The internet is an open sewer full of the mind-turns of the technically savvy but morally empty.

    The sooner everyone gets it out of their life and goes outside to do something else, the better.

  24. Doby says:

    The Internet is boring. There is nothing exciting about it. It is also full of disinformation and pure crap.

  25. Jeff says:

    Good post. I agree with a hell of a lot of it. I’ve used the Internet since the mid 90s and it’s been a big part of my life for the past 15 years or so, i’ve learnt new things, found love, heartbreak and made a bit of money because of information I read on it.

    The past 6 months or so have left me doubting it now though. I just think so much of it is a load of crap, There’s so many liars, fakes and weirdos. I find myself hovering around the same few websites now and they’re just crap too. Social networking’s dull as dishwater and forums are just full of know it all idiots, or think they know it all anyway. I still love it for the people that upload really informative lectures to youtube, for ted talks and for accessing tons of e journals for my university degree. Hell, there’s loads of good stuff going for it but there’s so so much wrong with it too, I wish I hadn’t but i’ve become so disillusioned with it now. Has it made the world a better place? To an extent but it’s shoved in my face just how hateful, foul, manipulative and greedy we can be as human beings. Time to scale back my bandwidth I think.

  26. Jackson Stone says:

    The internet is for one thing and one thing only….. porn

  27. Ben says:

    I didn’t bother to read the whole blog or any of the comments but let me tell you whats what about the internet….When people go online searching for health information, they’re often also looking for someone who’s grappling with the same problem. That’s especially true if they’re dealing with a rare disease.

    The Internet provides a gateway to all kinds of medical facts and also to people who have come by that information the hard way.

    That’s the news from a survey just out from the Pew Internet Project and the California Healthcare Foundation. They found that people dealing with rare diseases are the undisputed power users of health information online.

    About 25 million people in the United States have a rare disease, although each disease affects no more than 200,000 people. Because of that, people often have a hard time finding others in the community with first-hand knowledge of that disease.

    People are also more likely to seek their peers out online if they are coping with a medical crisis, are a caregiver for a sick relative, or are dealing with a chronic condition. About one-quarter of Internet users in those situation seek out peers online, compared to 18 percent of Web surfers overall.

    But the people dealing with a rare disease were far more likely to have honed their searching, learning, and networking skills to Olympian levels. The majority of them are connected to peers online. “We can say things to each other we can’t say to others,” one woman living with a blood disorder wrote in the survey. “We joke about doctors and death. We cry when we need to. Together we are better informed.”

    That’s not to say that people are dissing doctors. Almost three-quarters of adults say they turn to doctors and other health professionals for information. Some 54 percent say they ask friends and family for advice.

  28. ray says:

    I moved from the city to a very rural area when I met my wife had no choice especially loosing speed and bandwidth through satellite, but I started doing more things outside or with my family vs on the internet and my life has felt more meaningful for sure and a pace thats more comfortable. I get online but not near what it was with that nice connection, life is better less worries of stupid crap, I even stopped using my cell phone due to hardly any reception, but because of work I need it. Other than that technology is just a bunch of hype, I don’t really see too much changing and if it is its just geared around that fast paced taking for granted lifestyle which fuels it to begin with. A nice way to get some people overpaid too.

  29. jim reeves says:

    Because some moderators at websites delete the truth when its suppose to be an open discussion.

    Dude everyone sucks on the internet, you, me your dog if it could get on it, its a playground with hardly any rules and tons of billboards and banners. Just look at it and think. How the social networking trend took off is beyond me. I thought we were doing that with the internet years ago when it first started but I guess I wasn’t as lazy as others and needed it simplified by some clown with a fast college connection and wide bandwidth. The faster we get with this internet notice the more stupid it gets. Its a load of trash. You will find heaven more so outside of your technical highspeed world, try it and trust me it works. I work on computers and networking by the end of the day I’m so sick of it I hardly ever use a pc or internet connection on my own time, just now cause I’m looking for a different job.

    All of these job searching websites and the best one the local newspaper….yeah we’ve gotten far with advance technology better yet advanced eyecandy !

    I miss the 80s even though I was just walking at the early part of the decade. People seemed more open and less fake back then.

  30. Dave-O says:

    Cool article man-all true.

  31. Lisa says:

    The internet doesn’t suck. The way some (OK…most) people choose to use it is. The unfortunate truth is that there is a lot of stupidity online because there are a lot of people online and people are generally stupid. Think about it, the average IQ is only 100 – that really is not particularly bright. Despite all that there are some truly wonderful and useful things. The internet in all it’s glory grants you access to the wisdom of some extraordinary people and fascinating areas of human knowledge which you might otherwise never know existed. The challenge is to find the stuff that is worthwhile and ignore the rest. It’s a matter of personal discipline and personal responsibility.

  32. John Doe says:

    Internet is as good as you are.

  33. Angelle says:

    Mmmm iam the medical fanatic I search everything on medical stuff , and all it dose is scare me.. But I keep doing it. And everything always means something bad…

  34. demonchild says:

    I find it hard to believe there was absolutely no mention of the porn issues with the internet…call it reason 22. Reason 23 would have to be how the internet has become the number 1 source for enabling people to cheat on their spouse, especially through facebook. The internet is the 21st century version of the wild, wild west….enjoy it now in all of its crazy glory because I QUARANTEE you it will get regulated and controlled somehow, some way in the not-so-distant future.

  35. Buddy Haughwout says:

    The internet, just like TV 40 years ago, is a VAST wasteland! I can’t believe people live their lives in this electronically controlled environment. Don’t continue to expose yourself, and all your private accounts to whoever has access to this medium. We’re all fools to think that we can!!! Wake UP America!!! The world was a much safer and more reliable place 30 years ago than it is today! Paper trails are cumbersome, I’ll admit…but goddamnit! You are in control of that trail! Your computer will be your downfall. Every time you log into a site, big brother is watching you and knows your name, your bank account number, and how you spend your money! Everyone wants the easy route…but you are making the mistake of your life by using the internet. Cancel your subscription and use paper…if you still know how!!!

  36. the reason why the internet sucks is because when you serch something it does not give you what you ask for. i try to search up a powerpoint background and guess what it gives me, a picture of a cat doing a hand stand. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  37. Roberto says:

    Another thing that’s bad is that people who don’t know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’ are free to write blogs.
    Also people who use the non-word ‘addicting’ instead of ‘addictive’.

  38. mitchell says:

    if you search for something on the internet, you will get everything except what you searched for.

  39. JACKIE says:


  40. Rob Hink says:

    The internet has been crap. All the flame wars make the internet look like it is on FIRE! It’s impossible to have peace with everyone and have a happy ending. Can we all just be nice or should we just keep making the internet into hell.

  41. Joe M says:

    I would say “You people need to wake up”. But that’s been said many times by others and you didn’t listen. So instead, I will say “You idiots should have already been awake…too late”.

    The Internet is a massive haven for evil. It has been taken over by greed and all that is indecent. Notice if you want to find something decent you have to willfully look for it. But in the process you have to weed out more bad stuff. Therefore the majority of all websites are pointless or vulgar.

    Everyone is out to make an easy dollar at YOUR expense. Facebook is one of the largest weapons against us. I closed my account back in Sept. I made use of any controls to protect privacy. But still, I can do a Google search and find TONS of photos and information about me. At first I wondered where it all came from. Then I realized that it all came from Facebook. The thumbnails, personal info that was only listed in my profile, etc etc.

    No one has an excuse for keeping Facebook. If you do, then you are CHOOSING to remain a dumbass. Therefore you deserve what you get. But keep in mind, when sh*t hits the global fan, it will be people like yourself that get blamed for it. I for one think the Internet should be terminated for good since we don’t need it and haven’t needed it for centuries.

    But if that cannot happen, I would like to see the government finally come in and take control of it. Then it would become a place NOBODY wants to be at. That would effectively terminate the Internet a different way.

  42. funtoo says:

    No you can’t live with out internet why do you think i am writing or where my momment time is now?your brain needs information to stay active and be creative to survive your life and the only safe way for intertement or technology on your finger tip at your owen time alon.if people where smart internet is utopia life,yes there will be comptaion between evils and goods some will try to control you, jadge you and will downgrade you by poting their theary of life some will give you so much educational staff it makes life easy

    • "Ur" "moove" "internet" (sic sic sic) says:

      @funtoo (and ~99.7% of you), You need grammar lessons. Words like “Good” and “Evil” are purely subjective, based upon societal restraints. People used to read books, or go to school to learn things, or – Jebus forgive us – they learn how to work a job, while on the job. It was something called “experience”. It came from “trying” things, AKA, “experimenting” (No! EXP is not just an MMORPG thing for nerds). The Internet is not a utopia, it BREEDS stupidity, that’s what this article is about (sorta). *IF* people were* smart? Well, if you were smart, you’d learn how to spell, and not just flock to some site dissing the internet like a 12yo Star Wars Prequel fanboy with an extra chromosome. Seriously, people are NOT mean, you fleshbags are just too pudgy and soft. Sorry for being “evil”, which apparently applies to anyone with a brain and a pet peeve for the Intersphere’s social retardation. Clearly sir, most people on the Internet that complain too much or defend it, are the same people that you think are “good” because you can only comprehend the more base functions of society and humanity. Good job, Internet and writer of this article, you just lowered 99% of the people’s who have read it IQ. Seriously, if you got paid (not payed) to write (not right) this, or if you didn’t… Why didn’t you proofread? Irony? For the LULz? Are you lazy, or just as ignorant as everyone who thinks this, and then thinks complaining about it will have some profound effect on people’s lives. You are not contributing to society, you are just making it easier to hate. DERP DIS GUY IS A GRAMMAR NAZI

      DERP, YOU WENT TO A FRAT AND MAKE 60k A YEAR FOR A WHOLE LIFE THAT CONSISTS OF KISSING ASS AND BEING SOMEONE ELSE’S PUPPET… I DROPPED OUT, AM MY OWN BOSS, AND MAKE 120k per annum… You won’t believe that. But if you’d like an interview or more information about my company, please, check out my website at

      Society has no qualms with either route you take, so stop shoving your half-assed, halfwit, pseudo-arguments on the Net. You are only making it worse. If everyone had to get a special badge to be able to write “facts” on the Internet, it would be great. I don’t know why, but the government apparently only wants to regulate piracy, instead of misinformation, political sillyness, or general douchebaggery. (DERP BIG BUSINESS IS RULING US. Really? Then stop clicking on the shiny ads, and stop buying useless Internet junk. It’s called “Consumerism”) So please, read a book sometime, keep a dictionary or thesaurus by you, at least TRY to be aware of what’s an actual accredited source or reasonable information, and stop blaming the Interweb for your own ignorance. To quote/paraphrase some guy you can Google, “I don’t understand why we look to the stars for intelligent lifeforms. Don;t you think we should find one on Earth first?”

      Boom Roasted… Am I trolling? Umadbro? Learn to Internet. Learn in buttf*cking general, please. Inb4: “no you” “Aderp Hominem” “ur mean” and whatever other “FAIL” safes you people keep in order to feel less insignificant. Maybe I am evil, but hey, if being intelligent is evil, then I don’t wanna be good baby.

      I’d say God Bless You, but none of you sneezed.
      Go with science (knowledge), my brothers.

  43. Look at the Dancing Monkey says:

    And number 21… I don’t even know if it was a censor, or if all posts are taken down during the review process. Either way… I’m just another (or already listed) reason the Internet sucks 🙁
    Sorry dude, Go Vikings, and enjoy your winter.

  44. Aaron says:

    The problem is there is too much advice, tips, do’s and dont’s on every and any subject, particularly when it comes to dating or resumes to interviews. For example,” 25 things not to say on a date, 10 things not to put on your resume, 10 things not to say in an interview, 25 things to never say to your kids/parents/gf/bf, wife, husband, 10 foods never to eat, 25 ways to look younger “never do/say this”, “10 things that will get you fired” “50 things to follow to get the job” etc. Where do you start (or end for that matter)? What advice is true, simple, positive, and most of all, ACCURATE? These things can be positive, but one set of tips will oppose the other(s).

  45. dennyvuquach says:

    This article is spot-on! Even though the internet has some benefits, I agree with the 21 reasons you have listed why the internet sucks. I especially agree with the statement that not everything on the internet is true.

  46. Lena says:

    Same here! Life was simpler back then without the internet.

  47. sanhawat says:

    It’s to slow

  48. erniecordell says:

    Nothing has changed since last year, unless it is worse and I just fail to discriminate between the levels of pain.

  49. katie says:

    no one gets exercise either…

  50. michael says:

    all people want to use internet for now is porn and to play online on their game consoles.The only good news about the internet is it’s cheaper to shop online on websites like Amazon than it is in most stores.

  51. diana says:

    I am not into the internet as many may know. I am into the real world, touchy, feely, really. Poor people who must face the book. Sad. You All Need Some Touch, Some Feel, Some REAL!

  52. kingkevin says:

    Can’t be too gullible ..but can’t trust everything either? This statement doesn’t even make sense. You definitely forgot #22. Educated stupid people

  53. Your very, very right, but if we could just get out once in a-while, maybe, just maybe we could finish that fix that’s broken.

  54. Tom says:

    “Hard to tell truth from lies” ? Not when you are as old as me and have a well-developed “bullshit detector”

    I rather like the way that my view of our species as mostly rather decent has been replaced with a more realistic view that we are mostly one or more of devious, stupid and complete scumbag. Not very nice at all. It is almost as if we are a disease, destroying the planet as a runaway fungus destroys an orange or an apple.

    Homo sapiens. No way. Giving ourselves that name is just another example of human hubris.

  55. Bill Kay says:

    Privacy seems to be gone in todays world !

  56. WildCountingDaysWithOurCanyonOnFire says:

    A decade later… and it’s not getting any better. Truthfully, the internet is useful and is misused by many. It’s the people that are making the internet crap, not the internet itself. The internet can be a helpful tool in your life if used in the right manner.

    However, those that live their life completely on the internet are truly missing out on life. It’s not healthy either. I work in the IT world and am pretty over everyone being so infatuated with the internet, yet they’re missing out on so much.

    I have spent too much of my limited time in this world using the internet. I’m changing this and starting a new life. I’m going to travel the world with my partner and just make the most of life. Of course I will have responsibilities to attend to that will require the use of the internet, and may use it to look up useful things. But, that is as far as I will go.

    I stopped using social media almost completely, other than to keep in contact with a few people, or if I need to use it for work purposes. I jumped online a few times and realized social media is only getting worse, and “your friends,” love shoving their strong opinions down your throat as facts. I knew then and there I wasn’t missing anything on social media. So many people use it as a platform to supposedly make a difference, yet they just make everything worse. Some are aware of what they’re doing and some aren’t, but clearly they don’t care either way.

    Long story short, the internet can be useful and aid in improving your life. However, the internet has much junk on it as well. Avoiding the junk on the internet is fairly easy, but you can’t be so gullible when it comes to everything on the internet. Keeping the internet from becoming your whole life is a big factor as well. The internet is okay, but it’s not worth wasting your whole life over. I for one have spent too long on it over the years, and am excited for a new chapter in my life where I actually get to truly live.

    Get out and enjoy your life! You only have one, don’t waste it all on the internet!

  57. YEAH THE INTERNET SUCKS! I tried to search inhumane for my brother and guess what the definition is! IT ONLY SAYS NOT HUMANE. SO STUPID! ANYONE CAN SAY THAT.

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