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I’m retiring from Firefox theming.

It’s been a fun journey over the past 5 years creating Firefox themes. I created nearly a dozen themes, stating with iPox, and I’ve got over 5 million downloads! However, I just can’t keep up. With Firefox 4 just around the corner, my themes would probably need to be revamped from the ground up and […]

Re-Package Your Theme For Firefox 3.6

With the release of Firefox 3.6, developers that used the iPox Remix tutorials to create their theme will have to create a new install file and folder structure. Don’t worry, it’s not to hard. 1 – Create a new folder called chrome. 2 – Move browser, communicator, global and mozapps into chrome. 3 – Compress […]

Firefox 3.6 Theme Compatibly

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that my themes are currently NOT compatiblewith Firefox 3.6. I tested it out the other day and nothing happened. No error, no theme, no luck. The good news is I was able to find out why and fix it. I had to re-do the theme structure […]

iAqua and extero Themes Need Your Help

Two of my themes that have not yet made the Firefox 3 jump are iAqua and extero. Both themes are very nice and ones that I wish I had time to update but it’s just not happening. With a baby due in weeks, I just don’t see these two Firefox themes getting any sort of attention. […]

Showcase: Indianapolis Colts Firefox Theme

I know that my Firefox Theme tutorials get a lot of attention, but I don’t always get to see the outcome.  One that I know of though is the Indianapolis Colts Firefox theme. Theme designer, madBOX20, went though my tutorials and created this football theme.  Sure, he started with one of my themes, but he designed […]

iPox Remix Theme Tutorials for Firefox 3

iPox Remix has been updated for Firefox 3. iPox Remix is a set of tutorials on creating your own Firefox theme.  You are provided with a starter theme that contains all the necessary files and images to get you going.  It also contains a set of tutorials to help you customize the files and create […]

Why I would quit theming today.

I love to create Firefox themes, make addons and lots of freebees that others often enjoy.  I do this on my free time and love to see people enjoy them.  But some days, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I’ve recently got a few comments from a visitor saying “hurry up and release the […]

iPox Remix – General Theme Answers

iPox Remix has generated a lot of interest in themes, but there are many unanswered questions out there. Here are a few that have come across my email. 1. How do I use a different image/skin for the menu bar and the bar with the address box? The main menu bar with File, Edit, View […]

Changing Fonts & Colors in Firefox Themes

Today’s question comes off the iPox Remix request line: How do I make the font on the bookmark toolbar change color when I hover over it? Since Firefox runs mainly on CSS, this is a pretty easy edit. Just go into /browser/browser.css and look for the following chunk of code: toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:hover, toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:hover:active, toolbarbutton.bookmark-item[open=”true”] { background: […]

Customize Firefox’s Scrollbar

One nice element that can really bring a Firefox theme together is a themed scrollbar. Lucky for you, this is already read to go in iPox Remix. Simply open the global folder and inside you’ll find scrollbar.css and a scrollbars folder. The scrollbar folder contains all the pieces. I don’t believe the hover states are […]