With the release of Firefox 3.6, developers that used the iPox Remix tutorials to create their theme will have to create a new install file and folder structure. Don’t worry, it’s not to hard.

1 – Create a new folder called chrome.
2 – Move browser, communicator, global and mozapps into chrome.
3 – Compress the four folders in chrome into one .jar file. Name it: themenamefiles.jar (all lowercase).
4 – Back out of the chrome folder.
5 – Create a new plain text file with TextEdit or Notepad and copy in the following lines of code:

skin browser ThemeName2 jar:chrome/themenamefiles.jar!/browser/
skin communicator ThemeName2 jar:chrome/themenamefiles.jar!/communicator/
skin global ThemeName2 jar:chrome/themenamefiles.jar!/global/
skin mozapps ThemeName2 jar:chrome/themenamefiles.jar!/mozapps/

7 – Replace themename with the name of your theme in steps 3 & 5.
8 – Replace ThemeName2 with the theme name (em:name) that is listed  in install.rdf.
9 – Save the file as chrome.manifest in the same directory as the install.rdf file.
10 – Don’t forget to bump the Firefox version number in install.rdf to 3.6.*

This is what the new file structure should look like. The green files are new.

New File Structure

New File Structure

That’s it. Repackage your theme and it should work in Firefox 3.6!

This is just one installment into the iPox Remix set of tutorials that will help you learn how to create your own Firefox theme. Visit the main iPox Remix page for more details.