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iPhone Apps Coming To Your Desktop?

Could iPhone apps be coming to the desktop? No really.

The biggest features on the iPhone are the touch screen and the accelerometers. For years now, all Apple laptops have a touch pad, which works in the same way. They all have a motion sensor built it too, but I’m not sure if it’s as good as the accelerometer though.

Plus Apple recently released the Magic Mouse which is also touch sensitive just like the touch pads on laptops and the iPhone screen. So could this all be leading up to iPhone apps on the desktop?

Rumors are that developers were told to make their apps work on the big screen. Everyone assumes the tablet, which could be included, but why not make them work on the desktop as well? Create an iApp app that ran iPhone apps as desktop applications and Apple would see more app sales and more app developers.

To get the best appearance of iPhone apps on the desktop, Apple could use the technology in the latest Quicktime Player to hide window elements when the window is not active. That would keep apps looking consistent with the iPhone.

To make it even better, what if Apple made the iApp work in Windows too? They’d then be taking on Adobe Air and Microsoft Silverlight for cross platform apps. And with so many current iPhone users, they’d quickly dominate the space as the iPhone apps we love could run on our desktops too!

Granted this is all speculation on my part. But what if it were true? What if Tweetie 2, Facebook and other iPhone apps could run on your desktop?

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  1. Eric says:

    I rather not, nothing against you but apple is evil (even though I have an ipod, but I GOT IT FOR FREE) the mac software to me is just useless for the “simplicity” they said they made it to be (told by apple salesmen) alt + click = right click, and the guy made it sound so stupid, the simplicity in the control panel to not mess up your mac??? macs may not be as stupid as this salesmen made it sound like, probably unaware my knowledge to computers.

    But I am seeing mac elements in windows 7 D: and since of the ipod and touch, apple is getting very wealthy

  2. Thomas says:

    FYI, right click is right click. No ALT needed. If you can’t just right click, check your mouse settings. The Mac control panel is very simple. If you can’t find something, just use the search box and it’ll show you where it is.

    There is a learning curve when you go from one thing to another, especially Windows to Mac.

    I find it to be simplistic, but that’s because I know it. I know Windows too and everything is more complicated on Windows if you ask me.

  3. Ally says:

    I’m not sure that I’d use iOS apps on a desktop – most of my apps have much better desktop counterparts which I’d stick to. Better – that is in the sense of being unconstrained by the hardware and physical limits of the current iOS devices. I’ve never really been a dashboard user for the same reason. Most dashboard gadgets simply don’t do much of what I need. I guess there are a few exceptions – although I’m struggling to think of any right now!

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