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iAqua and extero Themes Need Your Help

extero iAquaTwo of my themes that have not yet made the Firefox 3 jump are iAqua and extero. Both themes are very nice and ones that I wish I had time to update but it’s just not happening. With a baby due in weeks, I just don’t see these two Firefox themes getting any sort of attention.

So, if you’d like to take the files, update them, and release them, you are free to. If you’d like to take the files and create your own theme, you can do that as well.

Below are the files for each theme that work with Firefox 2. Combine those graphic elements with the code from the iPox Remix set of tutorials and you should have enough to get started.

Good luck and I hope someone takes the time to update iAqua and extero because they are really nice themes with a lot of fans and both deserve to get updated.

iAqua Theme Files

extero Theme Files

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  1. 44 says:

    Thanks for letting me update these awesome themes.I’ll need at least 2 weeks to finish iaqua and after that I’ll start work on extero 🙂

  2. 44 says:

    Thanks!By the way Extero is also updated for Firefox 3 and 3.5 .I called the new version Extero 2 because there are a lot style changes.You can download it from the Firefox site.

  1. 7/16/2009

    […] big thanks to Jivko Evgeniev who heard the call for help and has taken iAqua and ran with it. It’s alive and well and running nicely in Firefox […]

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