iPox Remix has generated a lot of interest in themes, but there are many unanswered questions out there. Here are a few that have come across my email.

1. How do I use a different image/skin for the menu bar and the bar with the address box?
The main menu bar with File, Edit, View ect. can be themed with this code:
#toolbar-menubar {
#main-menubar {

The URL bar can be themed with this code:

2. How do I change the menu font colour of File, Edit, View, History ect.
This can be accomplished with the following code. Remember to add in your own color.
#main-menubar menu {

3. How do I learn CSS?

4. How do I remove the down-arrows next to the forward and back buttons in the iPox theme?
This can be accomplished with the following code:
#back-button dropmarker,
#forward-button dropmarker {
display: none !important;

5. How do I change tabs designs, make them rounded or square, etc. As well as change their colors?
Open up the folders global and icons. In this folder you’ll find images that start with tab-. These images all relate to the appearance of the tabs. Edit them and you’ll be good to go. If you need to edit fonts, the tab items are in browser.css inside the global folder.

6. How do I make the font on the bookmark toolbar change color when I hover over it?
Open up the browser folder and then browser.css. In this file, create a new style called toolbarbutton.bookmark-item:hover or just edit the one that already exists. Here you can define the hover appearance of the text in the bookmarks toolbar.

7. How do I customize the scrollbar?
Check out the scrollbar customization tutorial.

8. How do I change the UUID?
Check out the creating your themes identity tutorial. It’ll cover how to change the UUID.

Have you created a theme from the iPox Remix tutorials? I’d love to know!

This is just one installment into the iPox Remix set of tutorials that will help you learn how to create your own Firefox theme. Visit the main iPox Remix page for more details.