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Firefox 3.6 Theme Compatibly

Firefox 3.6 RobotGood news and bad news.

The bad news is that my themes are currently NOT compatiblewith Firefox 3.6. I tested it out the other day and nothing happened. No error, no theme, no luck.

The good news is I was able to find out why and fix it. I had to re-do the theme structure and install files but I did get it to work. If you are using iPox Remix as the basis of your theme, you’ll need to make the updates as well. I hope to have a how-to on that soon.

iPox has been submitted to Mozilla with 3.6 compatibly and some bug fixes. Hopefully that’ll be live sooner than later.

Tinseltown is next up on the list to fix. With Christmas basically here, fixing Tinseltown is a high priority.

Once you upgrade to Firefox 3.6 don’t be alarmed if my themes don’t work. I’m working on them as I get time and you’ll hopefully see them soon.

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  1. Rancesc says:

    Hi, here you are the way to make your themes iPoxRemix working on Firefox 3.6:

    Create a new text file with this name: “chrome.manifest”
    insert the follow lines (except start and end!!!):
    — start —
    skin browser iPoxRemix browser/
    skin communicator iPoxRemix communicator/
    skin global iPoxRemix global/
    skin help iPoxRemix help/
    skin mozapps iPoxRemix mozapps/
    — end —

    Save this file and add it to your iPoxRemix.jar file.
    That’s all.

    In Firefox 3.6 “chrome.manifest” replace “contents.rdf”.
    You can leave “contents.rdf” to make retrocompatibility with old Firefox versione (3.5, 3.0, ect.)

    Have a Nice Day

    Francesco Milioni
    (creator of the simple theme Mongrel)

  2. the Fish says:

    Any hope of a Tinseltown fix by Christmas?

    • Thomas says:

      Tinseltown was uploaded to Mozilla a week or so ago. It’s just waiting on approval. You can go into the ‘older versions’ area and grab it if you can’t wait. 🙂

  3. JAck says:

    I love your themes. I wont upgrade to 3.6 till HalloFF is ready : )

    Love your work!

  4. Deanna says:

    Hey! I really love your PinkHope. Hope you can upgrade PinkHope to 3.6 asap, cant wait ^^ I will upgrade my Firefox 3.6 till ur PinkHope is ready to go on 3.6. ^^

    Love your work, thumbs up.

  5. Deanna says:

    Oh…is it go public already?

  6. Spatt says:

    Hi. Stumbled to your blog through Google. And straightaway tested iPox. Very nice theme indeed. It’s simple yet eye catching at the same time. Keep up.

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