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iPox Firefox Theme

Announcing my first Firefox theme iPox!

iPox Badge

The first version of iPox has been released. It’s only v0.1 so don’t expect anything to awesome. 🙂

Since this is my first Firefox theme, I’m learning as I go. I’m using the default Mac Firefox theme as my base and editing pieces here and there. It’s loosely based off an iPod and/or Apple GUI. I stress loosely though as I’m kind of doing whatever I want.

You can check out iPox on Mozilla’s site once it gets approved or you can get it from my iPox page.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback.

3 Responses

  1. Pikachu90000 says:

    Is this theme for Mac? Because the menu bar won't show up.

  2. Thomas says:

    From what I hear, it doesn’t work well on a PC due to a text color issue. I didn’t change much from the original, but I’ll see what I can update here soon. Thanks

  1. 9/22/2010

    […] been a fun journey over the past 5 years creating Firefox themes. I created nearly a dozen themes, stating with iPox, and I’ve got over 5 million downloads! However, I just can’t keep up.With Firefox 4 just […]

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